Commercial HVAC Installations & Replacements in Hampton Roads

Our skilled technicians provide professional commercial HVAC installations and replacements for properties of every size and scope. A small package HVAC system represents a significant investment in comfort and efficiency. Small package systems are designed for light commercial and residential use and range in size from 2-5 tons. For new construction and replacement systems in Hampton Roads, VA - Tidewater Pro Air is the only source you will ever need for professional installations & replacements.

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Maintain the Comfortable Temperature of Your Building

Extend the Life Expectancy of Your System

Reduce Your Energy Consumption & Associated Bills

Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Business


Install Process

When the design of your new packaged system is complete, our certified techs will begin the HVAC installation process. In both new construction and retrofit applications, we always conduct an onsite inspection to confirm that the actual job-site conditions match the plans. We examine existing duct systems to locate potential problems, and we will implement repairs if necessary.

Before we set your new packaged equipment, we remove the old system and recover the refrigerant. Since most of the work is completed on the roof, disruption to your daily routine is kept to a minimum.

After the installation process is complete, we charge the system with refrigerant, balance the registers and verify the performance of the equipment conforms to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The Systems

Package equipment incorporates a condensing coil, compressor, evaporator coil and blower into a single unit. They are manufactured in straight AC, gas-electric and heat pump configurations.

Common applications for package units include commercial buildings, mobile homes, apartments and some single family homes. Several models can be modified for multi-zone operation, which is especially helpful in buildings with uneven temperatures in different rooms. Supply and return ductwork is run from the interior of the building and transitioned through the roof where it ultimately connects to the equipment.


100% unmatched customer satisfaction! We employ only the most knowledgeable and friendly HVAC service technicians, who are licensed, certified and insured. We have the knowledge, technical know-how, and latest technologies under our belts and we are here to serve the Tidewater area with our heating and air conditioning professional services. 

Major HVAC equipment manufacturers design products that will provide exceptional comfort and efficiency through countless heating and cooling seasons. While modern commercial HVAC systems are very reliable, stress and wear on moving parts accumulates over time. Regular preventive maintenance is a service that maximizes system efficiency while reducing the chance of an unexpected equipment breakdown.

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