Mission Statement


We built our Mission Statement off a question that gets passed around a lot in our industry.

“There are a lot of HVAC companies in Hampton Roads, what makes you different?”

Our answer to that is simple. Tidewater Pro Air was developed to raise the industry standard within our community. Our clients are our neighbors. Our clients are our friends and family. That is why we take what we do very seriously. Tidewater Pro Air is a team with over 20 years of experience collectively. All of us have worked for another company at one point in time and each one of us can agree, that we have seen the industry standard become so low, that the services and installations being performed in our communities have suffered drastically because of it.

When HVAC services and installations are not performed correctly, the customer is the only that suffers. Our goal is to educate the customer about HVAC systems and how to make your home comfortable and efficient.

Customers are our number one priority; however, leading the standard in residential HVAC comes with some other loose ends. We are working on strategies to help our industry become more aware of the systems and platforms that are dealt with daily. Distributing knowledge is the best way for our technicians and other companies to accurately and properly perform their duties. Not only are we looking to ensure our clients are properly serviced, but we are attempting to ensure other companies are providing the same level of quality through spreading our knowledge, policies, procedures, and recommendations throughout the HVAC community.

Our worth is only valued at what services we can perform, and if we are not doing our job to its full potential, then it’s ultimately not worth doing. Doing is one thing, doing it right is a whole other story. Our industry is not a job, it’s not a career, it is truly a lifestyle. Our limitations are tested daily, and the only way to succeed in this lifestyle, is to increase our knowledge of the trade every single day.

Tidewater Pro Air is a full service air conditioning and heating/HVAC contractor, servicing residential and commercial clients throughout Hampton Roads. Our company offers a wide range of air conditioning repair services to restore air comfort to your household. From installation, maintenance and repair to air quality, Tidewater Pro Air is your number one source for HVAC services and we are honored by the opportunity to be there for you.


When Customers Don’t Use Computers, They Still Love Us