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It’s official: your HVAC system has stopped working. If it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, you probably need it replaced right away. Temperatures can reach the 90s and 10s in a home that isn’t air conditioned or heated properly. If you’re in a milder season, you might be able to wait it out a little longer. Nonetheless, you might notice the instant hit to the humidity levels in your home even in cooler temperatures. Living without a properly functioning HVAC system for too long could cause moisture problems and mold growth.

How do you know if it’s really time to replace your HVAC system? What should you look for in a new HVAC system? We’ll answer those questions and more when you give us a call.

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Comfortable Operation: expert HVAC System installation means that your system is installed and operating as it should be, leaving you with comfort for your whole family.

Dependable Operation: choosing an expert like those at Tidewater Pro Air to install your HVAC System means that it will be installed correctly and will be performing as it was designed to.

Attention to Detail: competent installation of your HVAC System means you will not have to stress about steps being skipped or left out, and after everything is taken care of, you can expect a nice comfortable home.


Pre-Installation: prior to your big installation day, one of the professional technicians from Tidewater Pro Air will ensure the selected system is the correct size for your home and verify the installation area is clean and ready for an easy installation.

Installation: when the installer arrives, they will make sure the air conditioner is placed perfectly, is stable and has the right amount of clearance. Next, the technician will install the piping and wiring and get your AC prepared for a test trial.

Testing: once it's hooked up, the HVAC specialist will check that the system is creating cold air, check for duct leaks and measure airflow, making all mandatory adjustments.

Explanation: throughout the process, your technician is more than happy to explain the procedure they are taking to get the system installed and in running order. They'll also provide advice to ensure you get all of the benefits of your new system as well as how frequently you ought to check it.


Professional Installation: our specialists are trained professionals and know how to install your new furnace the right way so that it can work the way it is supposed to.

Peace of Mind: simply put, new furnaces are built with the newest technology and should run reliably for a long time. You can likely expect to only need your usual annual furnace service to keep it going at its peak.

Attention to Detail: you can trust that there are no loose ends or steps overlooked. We are considerate of your home while we are working and will schedule our time around your calendar.

Comfortable Operation: technologies in the HVAC industry have enabled furnaces to provide even more comfort throughout your home compared to older furnaces. Having a furnace that can keep the temperature just right can create a place where everyone can relax at the end of a long day and enjoy the full comforts of home.



100% unmatched customer satisfaction! We employ only the most knowledgeable and friendly HVAC service technicians, who are licensed, certified and insured. We have the knowledge, technical know-how, and latest technologies under our belts and we are here to serve the Tidewater area with our heating and air conditioning professional services. 

Major HVAC equipment manufacturers design products that will provide exceptional comfort and efficiency through countless heating and cooling seasons. While modern commercial HVAC systems are very reliable, stress and wear on moving parts accumulates over time. Regular preventive maintenance is a service that maximizes system efficiency while reducing the chance of an unexpected equipment breakdown.

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